About My Pipes...

I first heard the Uilleann pipes as a teenager. I had already been playing Northumbrian Smallpipes, and became absolutely enchanted the first time I heard and saw the Uilleann pipes being played. Like many who get bitten by the Uilleann bug. I HAD to have a set! Nothing else would do. Since the first day I began playing, I had also become obsessed with the construction of the instrument as well. And so, for over a decade I have studied, planned and gathered information, tools, techniques, skills and plans. With the support of my family and friends I have been able to realize a dream.

First, on a personal note. My instruments are part of me and my family. As such, they carry my family name, of which I am very proud. I am always striving to create the very best instrument I can. My goal is to create an instrument that is beautiful in sound as well as in appearance. One that is reliable and durable. And one that you would be proud to hand to your daughter, son or grandchild.

My pipes are made from only the finest of hardwoods and fruitwoods. Ebony, Af. Blackwood, Cocobolo are common materials. Fruitwoods such as pear, plum and apple are used as well. Decorative mounts are generally composed of cocobolo, alternative ivory, horn or my personal favorite, boxwood.
Mainstocks are made from quality woods such as walnut,cherry or apple. Other woods such as ebony or cocobolo are available upon special request at an additional cost.

Ferrules are made from a variety of materials including brass, nickel silver, nickel plated, silver plate, and sterling silver. Ferrules are sometimes hand rolled either straight or tapered or made from tube-stock. All keys are hand-forged, fitted and sprung.

Bellows are handmade using a variety of different hardwoods. The leather gussets are hand tacked. Hand-stitched bellows are also available at an additional cost. Hand made forged bellows hinges are also an option on hand stitched bellows. The leather bags are high quality bagpipe leather which does not need "seasoning."

About My Whistles
I can be contact by snail mail at:

David A. Boisvert
Greenwood Pipes
251 Minnesota Ave.
Roseville, MN. 55113

or by phone at 651-765-0048

or by email at irishpipemaker(at)gmail.com